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At the 12 year mark of owning a service industry business, I found myself so frustrated with and let down by software that was supposed to help me run and grow my business, that I finally had enough. I constantly found our team and myself running into both employee scheduling issues and client appointment glitches with other scheduling software we used. This created a lot of stress and anxiety for my team and I, and I knew there had to be a better way–so I created one.

Knowing the service industry well, I wanted to create a program that would allow for quick changes and a user interface that would be easy for anyone to use. Things can happen quickly, so we needed a way to swap employees or cancel appointments without disrupting our workflow.

We made Simple Scheduler to make everything about scheduling easier! Our reliable scheduling software allowed us to grow 34% by streamlining our process for employee scheduling and customer and client appointments.

Any Schedule, Any Industry

We created Simple Scheduler to make scheduling employees and client appointments easier for everyone, no matter what industry you work in. That’s why we designed our scheduling software to save you time and effort, alleviating your organizational stress, and enabling you to focus on
more important aspects of your business. We are committed to providing an exceptional user experience, tailored to suit the unique needs of various industries, ensuring that Simple Scheduler becomes an indispensable tool for your organization’s success. Our friendly and intuitive platform aims to make your life easier, everything from employee scheduling to customer invoices, and even custom reports personalized to your industry! Simple Scheduler can even link to other software like Quickbooks®!

Reach out today to find out how Simple Scheduler can make your life easier!

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